Alex Screech – An envelope within an envelope

Cayti Crozier, Glen Bickers – Transformative living

Dave Ray, Michelle Williams – Micelium City

Hugo Davies, Jo Horner, Lawrence Baulch – Timber: Manage, Produce, Promote

Julia Wilson, Kate Sammons – Urban mining

Kate Hutson – Zielonogorska Revolucja (Zielona Gora Revolution, visit :

Luke Hosking – City of enlightenment

Madusha Wijesiri, Polina Oikonomakou – Ressurect

Mia Papaefthimiou, Tim Unsworth – Urban Intercourse

Ricky Burke – Zielona Rewolucja

Rob Sawyer – Polistate

Rob Williams – Creative Identity

Song C. Cheah – Cooperative city

Stelios Karouzakis – Niezależność (Independence)

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