Following on from and developing further their Urban Strategies, 2nd year MArch students developed a building proposal for the city of Zielona Gora in Poland. Below are the final boards. These were supplemented by books which detailed the project’s Design and Technical Strategies [the books are far too big to upload unfortunately]…

Please click on images to view and to magnify. We’re having problems with some thumbnails at present but you can view the image by clicking on the link…..


Seong C. Cheoh:


Alex Screech: An Envelope within an Envelope


Glen Bickers:


Luke Hosking: City [Enlightenment]


Madusha Wijesiri: The Omnisphere


Mia Papaefthimiou: Urban Rehab A praxis of remaking in everyday life


Michelle Williams: Mycology Centre …  ‘Waste = Resource


Robert Williams: Zielona Gora Media


Stelios Karouzakis:


Dave Ray:


Ricky Burke: Srodki produkcji


Kate Hutson:


Rob Sawyer: Requiem for a City


GDANSK: Gareth Freathy: The Community Bridge

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