Below are the urban strategy projects we’ve done in 2010. This a really diverse, interesting and provocative body of work, tackling many problems and issues that we see in Plymouth, with a particular focus on solving what we each see as the problem of the Plymouth’s city centre.

Autarchic Urbanism – Tim Unsworth

Big City – Hugo Davies

The City of Diversity – Luke Hosking

The City of Entropy – Rob Sawyer

City Strip – A Stream of Innovation – Dave Ray

City Playground – Kate Hutson

Connective City – Alex Screech

Community Hub – Glen Bickers

Cultivate an Interface – Kate Sammons

Dig for you Future – Michelle Williams

Ex-Port – Lawrence Baulch

Free Space: Public Spaces as a Driver for Change – Cayti Crozier and
Panagiota-Charalampia Oikonomakou

Plymouth (Re):Focused – Ricky Burke and Madhusha Wijesiri

(Re) Balancing the City – Jo Horner

Recentralising the City Centre – Cho Chua and Seong Cheah

Reconnecting Plymouth – Rob Williams

Southwest International Hub – Aimi Ramizah Roslan

Street University – Efthimia Papaefthimiou

Transient City – Stelios Karouzakis

Urban Catalyst – Julia Wilson

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  1. insaf said:

    Thank you a lot! interesting projects and very helpful.

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