In this project we explored the construct of the city within the context of a real project, considering how the city as a structure is (re)negotiated in the everyday through personal and shared performance. In face of the strategic guidelines, limits, norms and rules which shape our activities in, engagement with, and conceptualisation of the city, we explored the ways that its inhabitants make and (re)make their own place, meaning and sense of identity. Working in teams and supported by input from external practitioners, we interogated the city and represented our investigations through a film.


Kate Hutson, Kate Sammons, Panagiota-Charalampia Oikonomakou, Efthimia Papaefthimiou

Symbiotic City

Rob Sawyer, Tim Unsworth, Stelios Karouzakis, Seong Cheah

Visit Plymouth

Ricky Burke, Lawrence Baulch, Hugo Davies, Julia Wilson

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