Following our field trip to Gdańsk, Poland, in October 2010, second year M.Arch students produced a diverse range of urban strategies for the city.  Using the Trasa Słowackiego development as a stimulus for the proposals and responding to the unique context of the city, the schemes range from the highly subversive and revolutionary to the slightly more conventional but still interesting, including topics ranging from infrastructure hacking, collaborative action and re-industrialisation, through to reclamation of the public realm.

All the strategies can be found below.  Click on the images for larger versions.

Aimee Williams:  Multi-Nodal Activity Network

Charlotte Earnshaw:  Cultural Interactions

Dan Gullock:  Gdańsk Local Enterprise Cooperative

Dan Warry:  Healing Infrastructures

David Applebee:  Industrial Corridor

Fiona Petch & Siân Bradley:  Ogniska Oporu [Seeds of Resistance]

Gareth Freathy:  The state driven road to freedom

Gareth Thyer:  Polish Green Underground State

James Lingard:  Participatory Platform

John Collar:  Connecting the Centre

Katie Parfitt:  Provocative Space

Kyle Watts:  Waterscape City

Laura Heal:  The Green Route

Luke Gilbert & Anthony Hobbs:  Metabolic City

Muhammad Ramly:  C.U.(RE) Urban Strategy

Richard Carroll:  ‘re [ACT] ion’

Sam Perry:  The Cohesive City

Shaun Merchant:  Anarchic Evolution

Tom Souster:  Perpetual City

Tim Firth: Investment Strategy


  1. Jessica Ellis said:

    Aimee forwarded me the link to this work- It looks real good!

  2. Simon Applebee said:

    I like very much! Definitely a body of work……..

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