Glen Bickers, Seong Cheah, Cho Chua, Aimi Roslan, Rob Williams

In 2008 Bristol won the title of UK Green Capitol and is currently in 4th place in the Forum for the Futures Sustainable City Index. Bristol City Council believes that the city is in the perfect position to become a world leader in sustainable development as demonstrated through its continual commitment to fighting the issue of Peak Oil.

Bristol has numerous policies and facilities in place to continue sustainable growth. Comparing Bristol’s current sustainable policies with Plymouth’s, we can see downfalls in Plymouth’s strategy and identify which schemes could be successfully adopted and integrated from Bristol.

Bristol is tackling the issue on three main fronts; enabling, transport and education. Plymouth City Council is currently missing opportunities in all these areas to become sustainable. These three points could easily be developed by Plymouth City Council through the utilisation of existing infrastructure and making more use of its location by the sea. This could dramatically improve the status of Plymouth as a Sustainable City.

The Sustainable City

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