Efthimia Papaefthimiou, Panagiota-Charalampia Oikonomakou, Jo Horner, Cayti Crozier

The aim of the analysis is to approach in a critical way four mixed – use development case studies on a national and international level relating to the concept of the ‘Sustainable City’. We made an effort to identify the vision; the political, social, economic, cultural or environmental strategy behind each of the cases. At the same time, we assess them in terms of the impact of the ‘Sustainable City’ initiative on urban form/space patterns, cultural and citizen life style impact, presence of, and relationships between other complementary SC initiatives in the same case study city example. We also ranked and compared the case studies according to the ‘Economic, Social, Environmental triangle’ model, the ‘Melbourne Principles’, the ‘Sustainable Cities Index: ranking the largest 20 British Cities’ and the ‘Sustainable Cities Index: European Cities’. The second part of the analysis is a morecritical study on how the lessons from each city example can be implemented to the city of Plymouth. By identifying the possibilities of Plymouth, its amenities and restrictions, we propose the way to a more sustainable economic, social, and environmental future.

Sustainable Mixed-Use Development

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