Actorvating the Roots

Alice Soranidis, Owen Hill and Justin Chung

To involve and empower people by analysing the functionality of space, and promoting interaction between key actors, whilst aiding their vision for positive change.

We have identified 14 key spaces in Cieszyn according to our analysis of the overlap of the routes taken by the three main user groups – students, tourists and market users.  Further, we analysed the existing functions of these spaces and their potential developments to benefit the users.  Eventually, we spatialised the concept and experimented it on the allocated site, where we used the people as mediators to connect the different elements of the site, e.g., industrial, cultural and transport elements.

In short, the strategy is seen to be a mechanism for change.Final Board_H

Empower: Invent/Industrialise

Dido Graham, Lucas Ward and Chloe Willis

The architectural and urban approach that has been taken with the ‘Empower, Invent, Industrialise’ project is a product of the social, economic, and political condition of Cieszyn.

We came to the project with backgrounds in social and industrial design with the intention to produce a proposal that responded to the social needs of the city whilst, providing a viable route for economic growth.

From a political angle the strategy aims to provide the citizens with a more active role in their town, and provide spaces (virtual and real) for discussion.

From a social angle the strategy aims to create connections, both physical and virtual, to make living in Cieszyn easier, and to meet basic human needs.

From an economical and urban angle, the strategy aims to provide a framework to encourage creative industries to push more traditional industries into an era of innovation- creating jobs and stimulating the economy.board 1 low res board 2

Hidden Cieszyn

Christian Allen,  Emily Argall and Anna Schreiner

This strategy aims to improve economic, cultural and administrative connections for Cieszyn to create an attractive tourist destination, a cultural capital of Silesia and to improve the quality of life for the city’s inhabitants.

To articulate this vision, Hidden Cieszyn recognizes that things are not always as they seem.  This strategy suggests that to achieve a solution, the problem must be approached and presented in two layers and addressed to different audiences.  Each of which needs a unique framework to initiate change in their mutual system.

Change will happen irrespective of this strategy.  Hidden Cieszyn is a framework to guide transitions for a more equal society and a better quality of life for Cieszyn’s residents.OfficialFINALTypeologiesPRINTHidden

The Conscious City

Josh Cole and Dave Johnson

131212_to print_Sheet

Working towards an Urban Factory

Jaimie-Lynne Li How Cheong, Adam Adamopoulos and Max Kucera

The Urban Strategy aims to recognize the value of manual labor and celebrate the idea of work, as it once was during communist times and now forgotten in our modern society.

The strategy sees the potential for factories to become once again home to daily aspects of life in addition to being the place of work. Only through the collaboration across different fields of both manual and intellectual nature can a more balanced and fairer community be created. By breaking down the fence between the private (factory grounds) and the public, the project attempts to repair the urban fabric and create an overall coherence in the layout of the city.

Ultimately, the Urban Strategy does not aim to revive a nostalgic memory of communism, but rather to point out that capitalism has deprived the workforce from power and social recognition.FINAL SHEETS_Page_1FINAL SHEETS_Page_2 FINAL SHEETS_Page_3

Clustering Opportunities

Thomas Penny, Jack Woodward

Clustering Opportunities sees the city of Cieszyn as one of visually vibrant urban activity zones, reflecting the character and nature of the people that inhabit them.

The strategy identifies a number of key target groups including the large population of young people in Cieszyn and the excluded jobless, homeless and vulnerable. The strategy seeks to promote existing groups, social enterprises, charities and institutions within Cieszyn reinforcing human relationships, creating social networks and building resiliency and bonds in communities across the border.

By identifying nodes across a well coordinated transport network, we can establish pockets of activity through the city, setting up chance social interactions by bringing peripheral groups close to the centre. By creating visible nodes of people creating, working and acting together the strategy aims to establish visible public platforms, showcasing local skills, crafts and new enterprises.

131212_Clustering opportunities_FINAL A0_Tom P_Jack W_low res

Inno-City Boxes

Clemens Rothleitner, Sonja Peshkoff

This project deals with what the implications would be of combining employment opportunities for today’s youths with renewable (solar) energy generation, grass roots business incentives, and self sufficient learning, all while maintaining a presence off-grid. These light microeconomic solutions proposed can be implemented relatively quickly, cheaply, and resourcefully.  The work force would consist of the youths, who exist today without sufficient employment opportunities. The strategy aims at meeting the ongoing need for citizens in Cieszyn to have future ambition, while addressing the demand for suitable bus shelters and train station platforms. This should in turn encourage passengers to use public transport more frequently and have a destination to travel to. The Inno-City Boxes are a quick and permanent injections which would sit on public land owned by the City Council of Cieszyn, leased to the future business producers. The sites are to sit not only public land but also sites of solar opportunities, using the philosophies permaculture for Edge Potential, designed for a population on the edge of society.A0 main-posterPoster_Inno Box ElementsA1 box_actors-posterA1 Axo-poster

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