Re-Power     Lucas Ward

Lucas Ward - Re_Power A0 - 01Lucas Ward - Re_Power A0 - 02Lucas Ward - Re_Power A0 - 03Lucas Ward - Re_Power A0 - 04



A0 boards-1A0 boards-2 A0 boards-3 A0 boards-4


The Seafood Kitchen     Tom Penny

130529_Seafood Kitchen_A0_P1 130529_Seafood Kitchen_A0_P2 130529_Seafood Kitchen_A0_P3 130529_Seafood Kitchen_A0_P4


The Blue Microcosm     Chloe Willis

chloe final project low res 1 chloe final project low res 2 chloe final project low res 3 chloe final project low res 4__________________________

Explore Plymouth     Owen Hill

FINAL 1 FINAL 2,3 FINAL 4______________________________

Growing Stitches     Jack Woodward

1Board Aerial2Board Plans

3Board Elevations 4Board Site Plan_________________________________________________________________

Centre for the Blind and the Visually Impaired     Jaimie-Lynne Li How Cheong

FINAL A FINAL C FINAL D_____________________________

Retaining Water     Sonja Peshkoff

a0-PRINT2 a0-PRINT4 a0-reasons Snapshot 2013-06-30 23-31-00_____________________________

Tabula Casa     Adam Adamopoulos

1 2 3 4 5 6_______________________________________________

FEAST_Food Waste Management Centre     Justin Chung

Final Board 1_C

Final Boards 3

Final Boards 4


PharmaSEA     Alice Soranidis

A0 1.site analysis A0 2.design development A0 3.design development A0. Detail, construction______________________

FISHERofMEN     Josh Cole

A01 A02 A03 A04


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