The foundation of this project is based on a belief that architecture could and should become an integral part of social, economic and sometimes even political struggle for a better world. Identifying social, economic and ecological imperatives for change the urban strategy suggests growth can no longer continue based on its current synthetic linear processes. The strategic goals of the strategy are focused on empowering the individual through giving them the tools to construct a new and more equitable society based on the power of networks of trust, co-operation, symbiosis and mutual agenda. It is a facilitator, providing a platform for the citizens of Warsaw to shape and determine their own sustainable future. The strategy suggests a future based on circular organic systems that establish a symbiosis between multiple economic logics.
Testing the interface between residential dwellings and productive industry, in particular the high tech production of plant crops and aquaculture systems, the building proposals establish an artificial ecosystem driven by natural processes. Instead of seeking to extract as much as humanly possible from the natural environment through intensive agriculture and raw material extraction, this system for a new form of urban agriculture will introduce biological loops for a restorative purpose rather than one of exploitation,  fostering a synthesis between landscape and architecture.
If we are to change the perception of how humans relate to ecological waste streams, biological systems and economics we must give people ownership over their systems of production. Ownership over the means to produce food and energy could be a potential source of empowerment for the creation of a more equitable society. These proposals give people stewardship over emerging technologies in return for tangible rewards such as fresh produce and shared equity in new models of cooperatives.

A01 - Chris turner DD 2013 A02 - Chris turner DD 2013 A03 - Chris turner DD 2013 A04 - Chris turner DD 2013

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