In June 2013, second year M.Arch students submitted their final proposals for Ursus, Warsaw.  The projects were strongly underpinned by the wider strategies developed in the Urban Strategy stage of the project and each student/group took these forward into a more developed masterplan and building proposal of varying scales, extent and detail.  Projects range from intricate building systems to massive 13,000m2 institutions, from modest buildings/refurbishments with extensive landscape propositions to a radical rethinking of the socio-cultural and economic situation.  So, while we were working within the same context, and with the same issues, and all of this underpinned by the studio’s agenda of ‘Re-industrialisation_Industrial City 2.0’ – the diversity of proposals will present our hosts in Ursus with a rich variety of ideas about possible futures for their site, and indeed, the entire district.

The links below contain a short description of each project with a selection of images. It is important to note that each project was accompanied by at least 3 documents (in some cases 6) which set out in more detail the Design Strategy (including contextual analysis, architectural discussion, and design approach/proposal) and Technical Strategy (structural, environmental, construction strategies), as well as a Technical Study (plus a physical (1:20, 1:10, 1:5 or 1:1) or digital model) which focused on the detailed design and tectonic approach to a key part of the building proposal. The images and descriptions here provide an overview of the key concept and approach for each project.

Click on the links below to view images and descriptions of the final projects:

Tom Ford _ [Bio]philic City

Suzanne O’Donovan _ Performative Assemblages

Chris Turner _ Securing Scarcities: The Territorialisation of Production

Dan Green _ Protean Production / The Feculent Resource

Sophia Souglidou and Maria Michail _ Electri[city]

Kostas Ipeirotis _ ANAMNESIS: heritage activation through the reformative landscape

Sarah Morgan _ Grow Ursus

Charlotte Shobrook _ P[Re] Fabricating Ursus

Damien Bulman _ Cultivate: Engaging with the Future through the Past

more projects to be uploaded shortly…

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