project 2.0: waterfront regeneration

This year students from the M.Arch first year have produced a varied series of urban strategies for the city of Plymouth. The brief was set around a live project based in the waterfront of Plymouth focusing principally on Sutton Harbour and the Hoe and the connection to the City Centre. This is an emerging area of focus for the City Council in the context of its tourism and regeneration strategies.

Project 2.0 included producing analytical investigations of the context and site, culminating in the generation of the project Briefing Document (which served both as a resource for the students as well as a way of briefing visiting practitioners about the project and the PWP) and a presentation of this information to staff.

Work during the autumn term concluded with the development of a diverse range of urban strategies; from the radical to the revolutionary the projects included topics ranging from waste food reclamation,  the cities second-hand markets and fish farms, through to the re-industrialisation of Plymouth as a productive marine city.

The A1 sheets for each strategy can be found below, however it is important to note that each project also had an A3 booklet accompanying the submission.

Click on the images for larger versions:

Isla Melville + Sotiria Sarri – Seeded Revolt:

Damien Bulman + Suzanne O’Donovan – Go Fish:

Tom Ford –  lee-ho! Steering Plymouth’s Course:

Chris Turner + Dan Green:  In the Making [Plymouth: Productive Marine City]:

Maria Michail – Food and the City, From the Ground Up:

Anastasios Siakotos – Seeds, Hope and Concrete:

Ian McNeill + Kostas Ipeirotis – Food Bank Network:

 Will Lloyd-Murphy – Social Enterprise City:

Moraitis Xenofon + Souglidou Sofia – Second Hand City:


Antonis Seferlis – Incubator:

Anna Berger – New Urban Community, Rethinking / Repositioning / Redevelopment:

Steve Walrond – Recombinance in the [marine] Environment:

Theodora Papanastasiou – Plymouth and the Marine Life:

Sarah Morgan – Plymouth, Recycled City:

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