“Radical Inclusivity” book launch

The “Radical Inclusivity” book was launched this summer and includes the MArch students works, academic writings exploring the inclusiveness and commons in architecture.

Book’s abstract:

The real strength of today’s protest movements is not conflict, but a reclaimed solidarity and newly rebuilt sense of community. The real “we are all in this together” of people losing their homes, jobs, life savings and those who know how easily they can succumb to similar misfortune. In the face of adversity, the sense of community is reborn together with a selfless impulse to help. ‘Empathy’ and ‘inclusiveness’ become key words. A new community and the language it establishes emerge in cooperatives and movements working for the common good.

 In this book we imagine the architecture and urbanism of this emerging community. We ask, how we are supposed to be together, with all our differences and arguments. How do we avoid the danger of an authoritarian, homogeneous unity while rejecting conflict and hatred? It is because we fear that our bare hands will not be enough, that we need institutions, houses, tools and machines. But they all need to be re-imagined as completely new entities, created by the community and acting as its active members.

We hope that the texts and projects in this book will be our humble contribution to this new, better, and shared world.

Book is available at: http://www.dpr-barcelona.com/index.php?/ongoing/radical-inclusivity/


Editor: Krzysztof Nawratek

Contributions by: Camilio Boano, Kasia Nawratek, Murray Fraser, Chloe Willis, Lucas Ward, Dido Graham, Fran Tonkiss, Alona Martinez Perez, Tom Penny, Jack Woodward, Anna Minton, Yusnani Mohd Yusof, Marek Kozlowski, David Johnson, Joshua Cole, Matthew Gandy, Robert Brown, Jaimie Li How Cheong, Adam Adamopoulos, Lee Cheetham, Matt Coker, Matt Clark, Emily Argall, Emily Argall, Simon Bradbury, Denise Morado, Ethel Baraona Pohl.

Design: Alexander Horton-Howe, Benjamin Huggins, Matthew Oxley

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