MArch 2 Year students on the field trip to SLUPSK & USTKA.

This year the MArch 2 Year students will be working on a live project in the city of Słupsk and Ustka( in the North West of Poland near the Baltic Sea on the Slupia river). The context of the area raises question of appropriate models of sustainable urban regeneration in an area that has significant social and economic challenges. This project will look for new more inclusive, participatory and sustainable models of development.

Our study basecamp in the beautiful city of Ustka on the Baltic Sea.

How do the residents see the future of Słupsk & Ustka?

What are the strengths, weaknesses, potentials of this area?

What model of development should the cities follow?

What are the potential areas of intervention?

These and other questions we were asking in the past 3 days on the workshop with the local planners, in the discussion with residents, local architects, members of the council and meeting the Mayor of Słupsk Robert Biedroń.

Great discussion on the development of Słupsk with the mayor Robert Biedron at the Town Hall.

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