Year 1 Reviews

With the end of term coming up first years had their last review before the final design deadline on Monday. It provided a last opportunity to get feedback on the different aspects of the projects before hunkering down and getting everything finished. Each project was reviewed 3 times, for design, environmental aspects and structure. Structure in particular was useful as it gave many of us a chance to discuss how the building would be assembled or particular structural questions, especially useful for the technical heavy projects attempting new ideas.

All in all it was a long day and I think a lot of us have found out we’ve still got quite a bit more work to do over the next couple of months, but that was the point of the review. Was also a great opportunity for us to see each others work and check out some of the projects and the direction everyone is taking their work. The projects are continuing to develop well and its going to be a real mix bag of ideas for the final presentations, always interesting how different people will approach the same site in such a diverse way.

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