Year 1 Schematic design review

Friday saw the first years pinning up for our schematic design reviews, presenting our work exampling briefs and form of our buildings. Interestingly along with having to present to tutors we also broke into groups and presented and critiqued each others work. Although we are always talking to each other about projects in the studio it was somehow incredibly daunting to do it in a presentation setting and getting feedback of our piers, a lot of fun getting to critique others work though. Overall I think presenting to other students was beneficial as we came up with comments or considered others project in ways that our tutors might not, especially as often we now a lot more about each others work.

Friday was a great opportunity to get an idea of what everybody was doing and how the ideas from last terms urban strategies and master plan had been converted into buildings projects. Things are developing well, with a range of different projects being proposed for Tottenham Hale from customisable and cardboard housing to cycling hubs and even mushrooms being grown and used to replace plastic.

Things are shaping up for an interesting range of projects at the end of the term, both architecturally and building programmes. Time for the first years to crack on with designing now, whilst looking forward to seeing 2nd year work at there schematic review next Friday


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