Year 1 Tottenham Context Analysis

On Friday the first years presented the videos of the Google mapping we have been doing for various aspects of Tottenham Hale. Amongst the areas examined include Culture & Recreation, Health & Social Care and Occupation & Control, a copy of all the videos can be found blow.

The actual Google maps will act as valuable resources for sharing the information each group has found out with other students and also with various groups back in Tottenham. We have already begun to advance are knowledge of the area from having watched each others videos, including the vast amount of industry existing in the area and the provision of various facilities such as medical, educational and recreation, many of which are lacking. This is begging to get us questioning the current proposed master plan and what developments are actually required in Tottenham Hale, and equally as importantly what proposals would end up being more departmental to the area.

Occupation and Control


Townscape and Streetscape

Historic Mapping

Employment and Industry

Culture and recreation

Urban Morphology

Development Proposals

Health and Social Care

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