Year 1 in Tottenham, London

This Year the 1st years are working on the Tottenham Hale area of London for their design project and were in the area from Sunday to Wednesday exploring the site and also meeting with different people to discuss the development of the area.

October 13

In the morning we met at Haringey Council Offices and had presentations from a variety of people with connections to the Tottenham. Soundings who had done public consultation for development in the whole of Tottenham, Our Tottenham who represent many local community groups and Jane Clossick who has conducted a detailed study about one of the blocks off Tottenham High Road where amongst the people presenting.

In the Morning we went to the White Hart Lane area in the north of Tottenham and where talked through the current master plan for that area and given a tour around several of the key locations.IMG_5569DSC_0396[1]DSC_0418[1]

IMG_0062October 14

On the Tuesday we returned to the council offices in the morning and had a discussion about the future development of the area and how it might be achieved with councillor Joe Goldberg who is the Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainability.

In the afternoon we started at Seven Sisters and made are way to the Tottenham Hale area guided by Peter O’Brien, Area Regeneration Manager who talked us through what has been done in Tottenham Hale and what they are planning to do and the reasons behind it.

IMG_5713IMG_5705IMG_0113October 15

On our last day in London we broke off into smaller groups and continued to explore the Tottenham Hale area, getting inspiration for our master planning and also doing research for a small group project focusing on different aspects of Tottenham Hale.

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