Year 1 Tottenham Mapping

This week the first years have been looking at Tottenham Hale and the surrounding area’s in preparation of our site visit next week and design projects for the remainder of the year.

Creating models of the site has started us thinking about the spaces and uses both in the past, and at present. It was interesting to see how the different groups have approached the site before we’ve even visited it, and what they have found to be key issues.

This project has been a good warm up for the site visit next week and helped to familiarise us with the area. However we are all in agreement that the conclusions we arrived at whilst working in Plymouth may alter when we experience the site first hand.


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  1. William Perry said:

    I live in Tottenham Hale and am involved as a stakeholder in developments at tTottenham Hale. Thank you for your amazing work and in particular your videos using Goggle Earth. I would very much like to use your mapping information. Is it possible for me to have access to this information? Is there some way i can download files and plug them in to my Goggle Earth ? It would be really useful tool in the community work we are doing to help shape the future development of Tottenham Hale. Kind regards
    Will Perry

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