Easter Year 2 Technical Review

Technical reviews on the final day of Spring term gave us our last opportunity for formal feedback with our own studio tutors and other staff from the department: Bob Brown (The Head of Architecture), Dan Atkins on Technical strategy and Architectonics and one of two visiting structural engineers, Jonathan and Martin.

Everyone’s project has progressed tremendously since schematic reviews and it’s interesting to see the diversity and range of projects and intentions across the 4 Ha masterplan site. Detailed drawings are emerging now and it was also helpful to discuss various presentation techniques and strategies for communicating the essence (and complexity) of our schemes.

Each project is at slightly different stages but it’s great to see that people are still making models after our first 4 weeks of enforced model making – they’re getting better too! It’s also great to see various material and detailed, 1:1 and other small scale investigations emerging.

Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable Easter and we will try and update you with the studio activities as we work our socks off for the next 4 or so weeks. Good luck to everyone with lots of hard work ahead of us up to the final submission on May 29th!



And a few models and material studies to share with you:


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