Daily Updates of 1st Year Studio Relocated at Millbay

Tuesday (22/10/2013)

We are divided into groups to collect site information including Imageability, Townscape and Usage, In-betweens, Streetscape and materiality, Photographic / film survey, People diversity lifestyles and Others.  Group members are meeting up today to do our own research.

Wednesday (23/10/2013)

Morning session: Meeting with the project Architect for the master plan and discuss on the Millbay site.

Afternoon session: Shumacher College Transition economics students visit. We had a really interesting workshop with Schumacher College economics students with loads of great ideas for the site (and alternative development models) and some nice sketches produced.

The Stonehouse Action visit us in the gallery who are very interested in what we are doing and discussed the issues around the palace theatre. Some of us able to get into the palace theatre on a special tour.

Thursday (24/10/2013)

Morning session: ARCH 409 Urban Theories and Methodologies class is held in KARST gallery. Students are separated into groups for the urban studies on Stonehouse. We are meeting at KARST gallery at 10am for Stonehouse ‘field trip’. Before heading to site walk, students from each group are meeting with their tutor to have initial discussion on the urban studies and methodologies to be used on the site. Each group presents on their studies and observations after the walk. The outcomes of today initial site urban study are beneficial and interesting because every group has different research on Stonehouse. Students are encouraged to visit the site at several timing for more detail and accurate surveys on the specific research.

The timetable for tomorrow is as following:

Friday 25th October

10am – 5pm Studio day (students to prepare propositions for evening Charrette)

5pm – 7pm Community Charrette

Tommorrow is the last day Year 1 at the KARST gallery. It is not too late! Feel free to visit us tomorrow for more details and information on what the happenings there!

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