We’ve been busy!

Lots of meetings over the last few days…

We went to the technical college in Cieszyn where the students presented a scheme for our site: a new transport hub and shopping centre. We went on to discuss the big issues and problems facing youth groups.

2013-10-08 11.32.40

Krzysztof introduces the M.Arch and helps to translate the debate (unfortunately, no karaoke)

We had an intense and thorough tour of the museum, lead by an extremely enthusiastic and passionate tour guide. She knew every fact and date in Cieszyn’s history without having to check once… our minds were blown.

2013-10-08 14.28.24We went to meet representatives from the city council to discus the local and regional transport plans and policies.

2013-10-09 10.44.13Last night we hosted a public consultation. It was extremely busy and informative, lots of people turned up to express their opinions so a big thank you to those that came along. Stripes are in this season.

2013-10-09 18.25.19-1 2013-10-09 18.26.11-2 2013-10-09 18.26.36-3 2013-10-09 18.26.45-32013-10-09 18.27.20Today, we met some local business owners and representatives and we had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss visions for the future of Cieszyn before polishing off some well earned coffee and cake. It’s been a fun, tiring and promising few days!

Photo 10.10.13 13 19 332013-10-10 14.24.57

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