Year 2 Technical Reviews

Last Friday, second years had technical reviews with all four M.Arch tutors as well as Peter Mosley from Buro Happold on environmental design, Dan Atkins on architectonics and one of two visiting structural engineers, Jonathan and Martin (didn’t catch either of their surnames!)

Everyone’s project has progressed tremendously since schematic reviews and some really fascinating propositions coming out. Each project is at slightly different stages – and even though we’re working within the same context, each project is proposing something very unique and provocative. Some projects are very very technical – focusing on component detailing, or material development at a 1:1 scale (eg. poo bricks (yes. poo.), hemp bricks, composite panels) whilst others are considering the building proposition within the wider context of a landscape and programmatic field.

Hopefully everyone had constructive tutorials throughout the day – that’s it for formal reviews and pin-ups until the final-final submission on June 6th – which seems like aaaaages away. but it’s not. and there’s lots of work still to do. That said, hope everyone manages to have a bit of a break over the three week ‘holiday’.

Some photos from the day below…. Happy Easter!

poo brick study models

poo brick study models

DSC_0010 DSC_0009 DSC_0008

hemp and concrete studies

hemp and concrete studies


it all got a bit much...

it all got a bit much…

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