Spatial Agency Workshop with Tatjana Schneider

Dr. Tatjana Schneider, Sheffield University ran a workshop with us during last Friday’s studio day.  Working in groups of 4 across both M.Arch years, this project challenged us to consider the position and potential action of different actors from the perspective of a given theoretical context and situated in a chosen site.

Each group was given an essay or extract of a book which typically focused on participatory architectural practices and spatial agency; an actor (eg. citizen, feminist, urban activist, historian…) and an action (eg. dreaming, altering, caring, destroying…). We were asked to come up with a profile for our given actor, and after reading the text and using the given action, perform an intervention in a site of our choosing. Lastly, we were asked to write a response and present all of this with an image that represented our action and theoretical position.

Whilst this was a fun break from thinking directly about our projects, it also provided food for thought in the way that we approach design and how we think about the potential users of our buildings.  It challenged us to think about other ways of doing architecture.

Project images and narratives are in the process of being uploaded and can be viewed here.


uni toilet



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