Symposium: Re-industrialisation and urban regeneration in Europe. Birmingham_London_Warsaw

Plymouth School of Architecture will be hosting a symposium in London on 20th February which brings together a dynamic group of international professionals and academics interested in urban regeneration, and in particular on the potential for the ‘remnants’ of industry in contemporary European post-industrial cities (using Birmingham, London and Warsaw as examples) to re-industrialise a city. The fundamental question is whether, and how, industry could (again) be one of the ‘primary’ engines of urban development. Discussion will focus on the current, and intentional, EU shift into manufacturing, and the socio-spatial consequences of industrial ecology/circular economy approach. Discussion will also focus on new technologies and new, cutting edge industries, especially as spin-offs of university and/or laboratory research activities.

Speakers: Dr. Krzysztof Nawratek (Plymouth University); Tomasz Zemła (Warsaw City Council); Michelle Adams (Dalhousie University); Adrian Murphy (International Synergies Ltd); Karl Baker (LSE); Neil Bennett (Terry Farrell and Partners); Michael Edwards (UCL)
Krzysztof will be discussing the socio-political consequences of urban re-industrialisation and presenting a synopsis of our urban strategies in Ursus
Looking forward to what should be a very interesting series of presentations and a lively discussion.
poster by Kostas Ipeirotis

poster by Kostas Ipeirotis

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