The past two weeks…

Week 1 – VTP

This year’s Vertical Team Project took place just after the Christmas holidays. It was in the form of a two-day workshop during which the students were working with local schools and community groups with the task of generating a proposition for some sort of intervention which would redefine the condition of entering each building.The two days that we spent on the VTP were very intense: On the first day of the workshop (Thursday), each group, made up of students from every year (both BA and March), visited a school or community centre and undertook the task of mapping them, as well as interviewing and consulting with the local groups. The groups of students spend the day in different locations around Devon and in the evening we reconvened at the studio to start designing! Since the deadline was at 3pm on the next day, everyone worked late on Thursday and continued working hard until the next day. The students from the schools we worked with visited us on Friday morning and were a great help with the projects! The final submission was very impressive, with drawings and lots of models created by both architecture and high school students!

2013-01-11 (VTP)

Week 2 – 7 buildings in 3 hours!

Back in the MArch studio again! Everyone is back to their design projects. During the past week we have been concentrating on choosing the program for a building which would correspond to our Urban Strategies from last term (soon to be uploaded here and here; keep checking!). For Friday’s workshop we had to define our building’s framework and then design it in 7 different ways, following different parameters each time, with the intent of helping us put our ideas together and give them the form of a building. And that was just our morning (!!) so everyone was designing non-stop. In the afternoon we had individual tutorials in order to discuss the outcome of the workshop, as well as group tutorials where we discussed our Urban Strategies from last term with Michelle Adams who joined us for this term to help us with our building projects.blogDSC08287 blogDSC08288 blogphoto blogDSC08289 blogDSC08290 blogDSC08292


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