Ursus Urban Strategies Pin-up and Symposium

At the end of what has felt like a very short and extremely busy first term, M.Arch second years pinned up and presented their Urban Strategies for Ursus, Warsaw. A fantastic body of work was produced, and beautifully presented on the second floor gallery, while in the M.Arch studio each group presented the core objectives and proposals of their strategy to both first and second year M.Arch, tutors and some guests.

There were some really exciting projects which tapped into the existing industries and communities, lots of ambitious ideas. Hopefully, it will provide our hosts in Ursus with much to think about.

Here are some photos from the pin-up on Friday, and the symposium. enjoy!

[The work will remain pinned up on the second floor gallery in the Roland Levinsky Building until the beginning of the second term if anyone missed it last week]

Over Christmas, second years will have a brief rest and then will be finishing off essays for their elective modules – but we’re looking forward to getting ‘back to’ Ursus in the New Year to take forward our Urban Strategy proposals into a building proposition.

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