Below architecture

We arrived at the Ursus CHP plant early this morning, ready for a tour of the district’s prime energy sources.

Krzysztof telling us not to touch anything!

Just inside.

A few pictures from inside the plant. As our host told us, architecture is not considered important for the plant. What is important is that the equipment is functioning correctly and that it’s up to date, so they constantly renew it.

On a steam train!

Railway lines reach all the factories around the site.

One of the transformer stations connected to the CHP plant.

Inside the aluminium factory where the first meeting for the solidarity movement took place.

Our last stop for the day was the galvanising factory.

After six continuous hours of walking, everyone was exhausted! We’ve been taking the evening slow after that, restoring our strength for tomorrow’s trip to central Warsaw.. We’ll keep you posted :)

1 comment
  1. Gareth Thyer said:

    “…architecture is not considered important for the plant…”
    and with a building like that, who needs architecture?

    Looks amazing.

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