Warsaw Calling!

We are now in Ursus, Warsaw, where we arrived late last night after a few hours flight and bus trip from Łódź airport. Our Polish hosts where there to meet us when arrived and lead us to our accommodation (which they provided for us) and is conveniently located on the site.  Inside the mini-bus that took us to Ursus. On the staircase in the building we are staying, getting organised. After a full continental breakfast in the morning, we attended the “URSUS symposium” which you can call a crash course on Ursus in order to get us up to date with what is currently going on and prepare us to design our urban strategies. Our hosts from  Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Rozwoju Ursusa and Energetyka Ursus gave us presentations packed with a ton of useful information about the way that the site is currently used, its history, who its owned by etc but we also got presentations from a lawyer, an architect, an urban activist, a developer and a curator of Project Culburb. All the information that we received in the Symposium, as well as the short walk that we took around the site got everyone pretty excited! Its such a different situation from what we are used to deal with (the site itself is extremely large, 180 hectars!) and the buildings already on the site are remnants of the industrial era and  have quite a few beautiful aspects to them. We had the evening free to visit Warsaw which is really beautiful! I’ll leave you with some nice pictures of the city, but keep looking for updates because we have another busy day ahead of us tomorrow!

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