Friday’s Workshop – Plymouth Food Urban Machine

In last week’s workshop the students were asked to create a machine which would build Plymouth as a fully self-sufficient city able to produce its own food for its residents. The different teams created had to construct a 3D diagrammatic model of a ‘Plymouth Food Urban Machine’ in order to develop their understanding of the city as a multidimensional entity.

Everyone worked on their ideas and models in the morning and were able to engage in very interesting discussions regarding the role of the machine in the context of the city in only a few hours.

The presentations took place in the afternoon and by that time each group had managed to create very different models of Food Urban Machines for Plymouth and analyse the social, spatial and political consequences of their ideas. As you can guess, this led to quite a few debates in the studio, making the day very intriguing.

The workshop ended with a lecture from Michelle Adams who is a professor of Dalhousie University in Canada. The lecture was done over Skype and focused on Industrial Symbiosis, a concept to create sustainable industrial design based on the patterns that exist in nature. We also received many tips on what to research for and what to concentrate on when we visit Poland at the end of this month. We are going to have another discussion with Michelle Adams when we get back from our trip which should be very useful for everyone!

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