OMNISPHERE for RIBA president’s medal 2012

Madhusha has submitted “Omnisphere”, his final project from last year, to the RIBA president’s medal student awards. His project talks about “re-establishing missing links between HUMAN and NATURE with the help of new and innovative technology.”

The project OMNISPHERE is seeking possibilities to re-establish the
broken links between Human and Nature; with the use of what was in
vented by humans, destroying nature. Continuing in to architectural
praxis, it questions, “ Could Architecture and Technology play an 
essential role in creating a post-crisis and sustainable city?” 
Basing itself on the ‘Cradle to cradle’ concept and rooted in 
circular-economic thinking, this project explores the idea of a 
building as an Ecological-Machine or an ECOmechanicalSYSTEM, 
anti-parasite, up-cycling of waste and by-products of other 
buildings. With technological explorations, the project smoothly 
oscillates between scale of a city and a 1:1 details putting 
forward a hypothesis of techno-organic development of the future 
city and plays with its consequences. Starting with the concept 
of Catholic Church being the main actor in post-crisis development
of Zielona Gora (taking into consideration the existing very strong
position of the Catholic Church in Poland), it fundamentally 
questions the relationships between the human being and technology.
Avoiding reactionary, post-Heideggerian, anti-technological 
positions, OMNISPHERE strongly advocates new progressive synthesis
between technology and humans as spiritual beings..... 
Madhusha Wijesiri

It’s worth taking a look at his work which you can find on Facebook: and also the video he created as an introduction to his project:

The shortlisting of the Part 2 entries for the Silver Medal is going to take place soon (9th of October) so let’s wish him the best of luck!

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