Friday’s presentations and feast!

Friday was the the deadline for the first two projects, 1A and 1B: “Food, Production and Social Strata”. Project 1A was, as you already know from the draft submissions last week, an individual project where each student had to choose one dish and analyse it. The students had taken their diagrams from last week even further with analyses on a range of scales, discussing personal, national and global issues.

Project 1B was a group project: the students had to create a fusion dish which would combine either their individual dishes or the ideas behind them. Each group had to present two slides, one that would present their chosen dish and analyse it and one that would present the discussion/negotiation the group underwent in order to choose this dish. Each group had 20 minutes to present both their individual and their group slides.

The presentations lasted for a few hours and, after all the discussions about food, everyone got very hungry! Luckily the project brief demanded a presentation of each dish and every student and group had cooked and brought to the studio the dish they had presented.  Six tables were filled with a range of dishes, from very traditional English meals, to international and exotic food. Our new studio microwave was tested to the fullest since everyone wanted to warm up their dishes before serving them. Tea, drinks and desserts were also included in the feast and everyone was extremely full afterwards! 

Preparing the dishes

Setting up the first two tables

Setting up 4 more tables!

The slides that were presented by the students can be found on the blog, under the group projects tab but please be patient as the page is being updated!

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