Call for Submissions #2

I’m afraid we can’t offer any exciting publication opportunities or prize money [see previous post] however we would like the blog to act as a forum for sharing what we encounter and engage with in the MArch studio.

With this in mind, we would like to invite ongoing submissions on ‘things’ that you find interesting through research, reading or even casually, that you think might provoke discussion, or at least provide pause for thought. This could be a quote that you would like to share, an extract from your own work [eg. essays, coursework, research that we have normally not published on the blog – so could relate to urban theories, professional studies, connecting sustainable practices, conservation, emerging research or rethinking architecture…] or some sort of analysis relating to a place, building, artefact…. There is no limit on what the submission might be – although 6000 word dissertations might be difficult!

If you would like to send something, please e-mail Suzanne [] in the first instance [or Evie, Steve or soon to be named first year bloggers?] and we will post it as soon as possible. We will then share the blog post on our facebook page which better facilitates comment – hopefully, this can lead to some interesting virtual discussions.

Looking forward to your submissions!

*Also, don’t forget our page dedicated to precedents and case studies – we are beginning to build an exciting, collective library of places and things we like.

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