The past 3 days…

This is going to be a big post with lots of news and pictures! As you probably already know, for 3 days we’ve had the pleasure of having Jaime Lerner with us in Plymouth. In addition to the really great lecture that he gave on Thursday, he also participated in the tutorials that took place in the studio on Thursday and Friday. His being here actually inspired the workshop we were doing, which resulted to the posters we submitted on Saturday morning.

Let’s start from Thursday morning: The “Campaign for a better Plymouth” workshop begun. Groups of 3-4 people, that included students from year 1&2, were formed in order to discuss last year’s projects. The teams had to “identify one key resource from these projects that the city relies upon for its existence and how it was restructured through the project” and produce one A2 poster to support their campaign for a more resilient Plymouth.

Jaime Lerner and his associates also took part in the tutorials.

Thursday evening: Students from all years (of BA and MArch) gathered in Sherwell Centre in order to attend Jaime Lerner’s lecture on how to create more resilient cities. Starting from a discussion about his home city of Curitiba and the ways that it was made more sustainable in the past 2 decades, Lerner went on to discuss measures that cities should take to achieve their long term goals.

Friday: In the beginning of the day we had the draft presentations for project 1A. All students had to prepare a diagram which analysed a dish of their choice in a socio-economical and spatial context, in order to frame their “attitudes towards the idea of the city as a socio-material entity”

Later on, the workshop continued. Most of the groups had completed their discussions and had agreed on the topic of their campaigns by then, so everyone moved on to create, edit and print their posters.

Saturday morning: The groups pinned up their campaign posters and then presented their ideas to students, tutors and to our guests. Many interesting ideas were discussed, most of which could be easily implemented in the city. The projects drew positive comments –not only from Jaime Lerner, but also from the reporter of the Plymouth Herald who was covering the event. The tutors and some of the students were photographed for the paper together with the posters.

The day ended with a brief talk from Jaime Lerner who presented his own suggestions on how to make Plymouth a better city for everyone, emphasising on the need to: minimise car usage in the city by the creation of a better public transport system, replace parking spaces with spaces for people in the city centre and make better use of the sea by re-embracing it as the main element that defines the city.

All in all, the past few days were very interesting and productive!  Our posters are now displayed on the MArch “Wall of fame” in the 2nd floor and can also be found online here: Looking forward to more projects as successful as this!

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