1st year mock ups

Like I said, 1st year students, with one week to go for their presentations (don’t panic!) had prepared mock ups of their work to show today. They looked quite surprised to see how different everything looked BIG (talking A0 sizes here). They did manage though. And a week early! wow. Anyway…

early in the morning still working/tweaking (I think)

no that’s year 2. model making. still.

my laptop struggling with the rendering. Powered through in the end. Spent all morning testing :S But enough with me.

Tom sticking loads of A3s to make up A0s. Tedious work, but had to be done.

Tim taking picture of his algae jar

Here it is. Makes sense?

Timberlad! Still hanging…

Pinning up.

Some keep it old skool


um something went wrong here

Introducing air in the algae jar (not drinking it). Don’t ask me why. I’m not entirely sure yet.

Isla getting famous while showing some of her work to Tom Bloxham (of Urban Splash) who visited our studio today after (or was it before?) his speech today. I think it was around the time I was freaking out, having my computer crashing and thinking of dropping out (I’m kidding I would never think of that), therefore I skipped the whole thing, sadly.

All in all seems like the 1st year has it all worked out (well done!). Expecting some good work next week. Meanwhile we (2nd year) are still drawing… It’s all still under control. We’re ready to take over London soon (remember our exhibition!) I hope everyone is doing fine out there.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some nice light.


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