Revolution from the periphery. Part 2.

Maybe you remember back in August there was a piece about our MArch course in the online version of DOMUS (if not click here).

This time the same article is now up on the webpage of DreamCity Fest- Architectural Festival in Tirana, Albania.

more here

Who’s next?


  1. Timbuktu said:

    As architects are we not merely tools in the process of change, rather than the instigators of?
    We work to a brief. Someone pays for this brief.
    Surely any architectural, (physical) ‘revolution’ has to be paid for? Right?
    So without a brief that is paid for by a client who DESIRES change, NOTHING will happen.
    Architects are respondents to capitalist necessity: No money = No work = No change. They will adapt to the market or die.
    Change the market/clients first. (Remembering the UK Government pays for little).

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