Post-review post

As I promised on my previous post here is all the cool shit stuff we had for our latest review, the last one before the very last one in May…
I think this will be an image-heavy post so please bear with me.

Fiber optics concrete wall!

Bio Baroque. You first saw it here. By Mr Unsworth.

Here it is!

The man himself taking a nap. It’s been an exhausting few days/weeks/I lost count.


Few images and models and full pinups following

Whatever was left from the croissants and doughnuts Dr K brought us for breakfast (wonder who left half a doughnut).

That’s all from yesterday if you made it this far… It’s our easter break now but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop working so expect few updates every now and then from our studio. With 2 months left to our final submission there is not much time for holidays.

See you soon.


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