If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right*

Last Wednesday was the final presentation for the Materiality and Craftmanship elective module this year. Seven of Year 2 students presented their final models explaining the process that lead them to the final object. The students explored and tried to articulate their preconceptions about architecture through making of models.

It was a 4 hour long session, in a dark (at times very very dark) room next to our studio space.

Some of the models

There was food, wine and home brewed cider to be consumed between (and during) the presentations

Kate went first

Then Dracel with his video


Kate in absolute darkness

Rob in the middle of the room

Krzysztof joined us for a while (the one sitting on the left with the halo around his head)


A break was needed to absorb some light

and observe buildings around

And finally Julia (couldn’t get any darker)

Some of the students (and former ones) came in to check out the models. Everyone seemed interested (rumours have it some asked to buy the models, no transactions have occurred so far…)

Seemed like a fun process, they look sad it’s over…

‘Family’ picture to be uploaded soon (possibly).

(*title quote blatantly stolen from here)

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