Relational Urbanism: Site topologies pt 2

It’s Sunday which means time to rest after our intense 2 day workshop with Eduardo Rico and Enriqueta Llabres-Valls (see Chris’ first post here)

The workshop revolved around the use of Rhino+Grasshopper (and by that I don’t mean a mammal and an insect) as tools in the study of the urban environment, and how it can help us investigate a city’s Related Variety as ‘strategies of local capacity building through a more sensible way of mapping structures of economic potential at the regional and urban scale’. It sounds less complicated than it actually is (if that makes sense).

Our workshop hosts introduced us to the software and it’s capabilities

And then went around helping us getting to know its functions (with a lot of troubleshooting involved)

Some (everyone) was very confused to begin with

Nothing will stop this man recording the session (see below)

Makeshift tripod that worked (the actual recording didn’t)

Yesterday (that is Saturday, yes we work on Saturdays too. No rest for the wicked), we used the software create drawings based on our strategies

In the end we had something to present too (!)

Krzysztof looked satisfied at least!

It was a good workshop. May I rest now?


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