From order to chaos!

You may have read Stelios’ last post regarding the quiet, controlled but creative and otherwise orderly world of the M.Arch studio where the second years are beavering away at their final urban strategy proposals. Lets call that ‘Yin’.

and lets call this ‘Yang’….


Yep, in true ‘Vertical Team Project’ style the upper floors of Roland Levinsky have descended into a chaotic tangle of students, cardboard, glue and unexplainable signs saying ‘If going to floor 6, please get out the lift at floor 5 and walk… Survive, With Plymouth University’.

Im sure all will become clear on thursday.. I hope!

For those unaware of what the VTP is all about, it is a week-long collaborative project involving 42 teams of students – each with a mix of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates (attempted to be managed by an M.Arch 1st year student). This years project is entitled ‘journeys through univerCITY’, and involves looking at what kind of ‘Place’ the University Campus is and how it is currently being utilised as an informal learning environment. Linked to the ‘University Space Strategy’ project currently being carried out by the Architecture Department, the students are looking at opportunities for alternative use of existing spaces on the campus. This involves each team undertaking and documenting a ‘consultation’ exercise with the wider community, a design proposal (an intervention rather than building) for their given section of the campus and a 1:50 model of their intervention on a base model of the whole campus!

Here is how its all starting to shape up:

Team 40, (one of mine) looking especially pleased with their project so far!

Good luck everyone!

  1. Ben,Joe,Asrtis,Eve,Mike,Zoe,Charie and Ted said:

    We (group 38) did the annoying signs – here is the video;

  2. Chris said:

    This video is truly brilliant! Everyone should watch it for inspiration – including M.Arch!

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