Polyopoly: The Urban Strategy Game!

After the second years presentation of their briefing document on friday, the tutors ran a workshop involving a game called ‘Polyopoly’! We started by getting into groups to discuss solutions to the terrible situation in Ngao, Kenya, where farmers and herdsmen are in constant, and often fatal conflict over natural resources. The exercise brought out some interesting discussions and approaches as to how might be best to approach a difficult situation involving conflicting parties and how best to create mutual agreements between them. After this warm-up exercise we moved onto the game Polyopoly.

After a studio-wide brain storming session to come up with a list of potential briefs for the main project next term, each group picked one to represent during the game. The game involved two aspects, ‘life cards’ and ‘plans’. If the counter landed on a life card a situation was presented that the groups had to solve. For example, funding may have fallen through so the group would have to identify new sources of finance for the project, and analyse how this may affect the projects brief in terms of standards of construction, ability to deliver project aims, scale of project etc. If the counter landed on a ‘plan’ square then the group had to answer a query presented to them by the tutors, for example ‘who are the clients and who are the users?’

Tim, Mia and Rob’s team were challenged by the tutors at the end for proclaiming they “had it all sorted out”… (full marks for confidence and of course standing up in the face of adversity!!) lol.

Now its weekend time, so bye bye!

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