Future City: Religion, Revolution, Catastrophe – Seminar 1

The first in a series of seminars with Krzysztof entitled ‘Future City: Religion, Revolution, Catastrophe’ kicked off on Monday, with some interesting comments and questions already being raised. Post-seminar Krzysztof  challenged us to ‘shake’ our thinking by listening to the Slovenian philosopher and critical theorist Slavoj Žižek discussing the momentous changes taking place in the global financial and political system.


Here is a link to the comments and summing up of the seminar that Krzysztof also sent out after the lecture:

seminar 1 – Sum-up & Comments

A forum has been created to frame discussions surrounding the seminar series here:

http://plymarch.forums-free.com/ (*UPDATED LINK*)

You’ll need to create an account obviously, and then you should be able to post.

Rob is currently the only administrator – but it has been mentioned that it would be worth having an ‘intellectually inclined’ person from first year to administer it. If you feel that this is a fitting description for you then please let Rob know you would like to volunteer for the role and he will change your account to a moderator once you have signed up.

Alternatively if you have no interest in these discussions, or your brain is feeling frazzled, here are some pretty pictures from ArchDaily of a Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion…


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