Zielona Gora | Day 9

Meeting in the morning for a bus tour to the towns surrounding Zielona Gora to have a taste of the periphery.

The weather was not as warm as it looks here



Probably because we were about to see the tallest Jesus Christ statue in the world. Yes. In the world.

Take that Rio. Poland built a bigger one!

Mind you the scenery does not look as good as Brazil’s. Tesco?


There’s plenty of forest around Zielona Gora it seems. Unfortunately we did not have much time left so had to hurry back earlier than we thought.
I guess most of us now are working on our films (I know we are). Tomorrow (Wednesday) is our last full day in Zielona Gora, sadly. Which means there is alot of work waiting for us from next week.
Hopefully one last update tomorrow.
Thanks for following.

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