Zielona Gora | Day1

So it begins.

Day1, our hosts welcomed us in the BWA Zielona Gora Gallery Museum (our meeting place from now on), giving an introduction about the city

Krzysztof was pointing at people

Oh no, he was just counting to make sure we all made it there.

Then volunteers from the local university showed us around the city.

Skaters dumping their old shoes on the trees at the skatepark. I think everyone took a picture of that.

After a long walk and a great lunch we returned to the gallery for another talk about the city by Thomas Czyzniewski, local historian. Krzysztof helped with translation

Students being interviewed by local journalist

Not sure what this massive poster is about

This is a vineyard in the city centre. In Poland. Indeed.

And a “melted” building

Back to the gallery (again) organising our next moves…

We were taken to another gallery/artists space and had a very interesting talk with local artists

Thanks Michelle.

That’s all for now. Apologies for the short text, it has been a long day. Busier one coming tomorrow, there is alot to take in in very short time.  It’s going to be a very interesting week…

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