We don’t need you Plymouth (?)


The only indispensable material factor in the generation of power is the living together of people. Only where men live so close together that the potentialities of action are always present can power remain with them, and the foundation of cities, which as city-states have remained paradigmatic for all Western political organization, is therefore indeed the most important material prerequisite for power.

Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition

Friday’s workshop was a continuation of our Monday task. Students were ask to draw their individual mental maps of Plymouth, and then combine them in making their ‘ideal’ Plymouth. A city that includes only their personal ‘essential’ spaces/places. The outcome was a city stripped of what we don’t ‘need’. A condensed Plymouth (or many condensed different cities). I’ll leave the rest to the pictures.



(The above image has absolutely nothing to do with the workshop)


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