The Future is coming

Building Futures, RIBA’s thinktank, has published an update to that classic ProPrac favourite ‘Constructive Change’ called ‘The Future for Architects’. I’d summarise the report, but it’s all a bit depressing (if nothing new). 6 years and tens of thousands of pounds of debt, and the profession probably won’t exist in a decade or so. I guess it’s going to make for a good challenge.

And if matters weren’t bad enough, apparently that incomprehensibly-popular mini ‘singer’ Justin Bieber is following in Brad Pitt’s footsteps and proclaiming his secret desire to be an architect.

Read the report here: The Future for Architects.
Then go and do something about it.

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  1. well… the financial aspect is depressing, but the rest… it depends how you read it… there is a hope even in the darkest hour… (I refer to your last line).

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