Place / Strategies workshop 10-11/02/11

Looking around the studio this week, design briefs are being finalised and potential sites identified.  Each year has split into groups to develop several briefs. Year 1 (Plymouth) have:

a) Socio-economic empowerment
b) Essential needs 1 – Housing as a human right
c) Essential needs 2 – Food for people

and Year 2 (Gdańsk):

a) Industrial facility (“Gdańsk und der Arbeiter”)
b) Housing as a right
c) Food production
d) Entertainment (“Entertain me to death”)

Within each of these briefs there is scope for and expectation of further individual exploration and development as necessary.

Both years participated in a two-day studio workshop last week run by Michàl Cohen of Walters & Cohen architects. The workshop focused on place and strategies, discussing our design intentions based on our project sites and urban strategies through diagrams, collages and models.

  1. by the way – there is one brief missing (‘Connect the dots’: multi-modal exchange of people, goods and ideas.)… or not?

  2. Rob said:

    Bob said to us that we might want to work with the Socio-economic empowerment as our briefs were so similar, even about exchange, so we are now one mega-group, and our projects are still the same. The only difference is that ours is a multiplicity to their singular.

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