Tuesdays in the middle of somewhere

Every Tuesday 10 students (three from MArch 2, six from MArch 1 and one from BA) have been working on the restoration of an old farmhouse on the southern edge of Dartmoor.  (To be clear; this is not part of the MArch or degree course, nor is it sanctioned by the school or any staff of the university.  The students involved have taken it upon themselves to get involved and continue to do so on an individual basis.)

The building dates from the 13th century in parts and hasn’t been inhabited by humans in decades – until recently it was used as a cow shed, with cows in the 19th century barn on the side and a bull in the house.  Development within the National Park is strictly controlled, and the only reason this project has got permission is the need to preserve the rare and unusual architectural elements of the building, some of which are believed to be unique in the country.

Jobs so far have included cleaning, re-cobbling, patching and re-pointing walls and floors, and digging and installing drainage trenches, amongst other tasks.  It’s often cold, muddy and hard work, but it’s also extremely interesting and to see the building gradually come back to life is great.

Photos [and post title] are courtesy and copyright of Stelios Karouzakis.

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