Precedent study: Tempelhof Ministry of Food

(Thanks to Muhamad, who found this interesting scheme on the interwebs.)

Tempelhof Airport was Berlin’s main airport until its closure in 2008.  During WWII, it played a vital role in the survival of the western-controlled part of the city: Soviet authorities halted all transport to this area by water or land, and the only way to get food into the city was via narrow air corridors.  11 months of airlifts into Tempelhof managed to sustain the population and prevent the abandonment of the city.

Lik San Chan’s scheme for the ‘Tempelhof Ministry of Food’ proposes the use of the old airfield for the production, processing and exchange of bread and fish to provide employment and training for unemployed people and to foster a sense of community and co-existence in the city.

More information and pictures here:

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