Bob’s Back!

This week Bob Brown (head of our course) returned from sabbatical and took the reins from Krzysztof who now goes on sabbatical for a well deserved “rest”.

We’ve been busy picking a site and looking at methods to analyse it in line with out urban strategies. We are also busy organising our building briefs in groups – trying to get something that everyone in each group can agree on is not proving easy for all the groups!

  1. it is great Bob is back :)
    FYI, apart from writing papers and my third book I will be doing some research in Lodz focusing on ‘spatiality of knowledge production’ and will be actively building links to Polish think tanks and Universities (some details here):
    I will report when be back.
    Have fun!

  2. Rob said:

    Spatiality of knowledge production? I hope the content isn’t as like Lefebvre as the title makes it sound!

  3. Rob: like Lefebvre? me? no… it will be rather like Koolhaas reading Asheim criticising Florida :)

  4. Rob said:

    Haha, It was joke! If you were a Platonic-gnostic-hard determinist you would know that!

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